Diabetic Foot Care & Foot Orthotics


Often with Diabetes, people have side effects which include fragile skin, numbness (known as neuropathy) and swelling. These side effects can lead to issues with ulceration, infection and possible amputation. Diabetic shoes aid by providing extra depth, wider toe box, reduced amount of seams, and wider sizes. These shoe characteristics can greatly help reduce the risk of ulceration and amputation. It is critical that those with Diabetes be evaluated for proper shoes.

Our practitioners have worked extensively with the area’s best wound care facilities and maintain close relationships with those medical professionals to assist in the healing of hard to heal wounds, continuous off-loading care, and all necessary follow-ups.

Diabetic Foot Orthotics
Due to anatomical changes from Diabetes, possible custom type of orthotics may be necessary to off-load or support a person’s foot and ankle complex. The combination of fragile skin with pressure from standing on our feet can be a recipe for trouble, such as ulceration. To properly care for your diabetic feet, it is important to get proper foot orthotics made of materials specifically made for diabetic skin. Having the wrong foot orthotics can just make problems worse!

Foot Orthotics
Feet have over 100 moving parts including 26 bones that work in conjunction with ligaments, muscles and tendons to support and balance our bodies.
Foot pain often is not just limited to the feet. Oftentimes foot pain affects other joints and causes issues of the knees, hip and back. This is why it is important to get proper foot care including foot orthotics promptly when foot pain begins. Research has proved that back problems are often caused by foot imbalances.

Foot orthotics are used to reduce pain, support feet, prevent deformities, correct pressures during weight bearing, improve balance, prevent injury, prevention of muscle compensations, and improve overall function of feet. Athletes also often utilize foot orthotics to provide support and shock absorption. Foot orthotics are custom medical devices that alter your body and should only be provided by certified medical professionals such as Certified Orthotists.

Custom foot orthotics are often used for relieving pain secondary to plantar fasciitis, bunions, sprains, flat feet, and diabetic foot conditions.