Lower Extremity
The reason for a prosthetic limb is to return to some form of standing/walking, if not more. Your Limbionics practitioner will extensively interview you to get as much information regarding your previous level of activity as possible. This information allows us to design the most appropriate prosthesis for you and your activities. We are happy to provide everything from very simple prostheses to very complex and microprocessor controlled knees and feet. These technologies include but are not limited to: C-leg knee, Genium knee, Compact knee, Orion knee, SLK knee, Rheo knee, Proprio foot, Elan foot, and even the BiOM foot.
We demand that our practitioners maintain certifications with the latest technologies to be able to provide the best and most beneficial prosthetic components to our patients.

Socket Art
Your prosthesis is an extension of yourself, so let us help you create a design that matches your personality. We can do flesh tones, chrome, athletic teams, camouflage, flames, or any other theme you can think of. We can be as subdued or as wild as you would like. Please take a look at our gallery for some of our examples and see what interests you or give us an idea of your own.

Upper Extremity
Prosthetic arms are very detailed and complex. They can vary from passive prosthetics to body powered or myoelectric. We are able to provide many different components and technologies including the iLimb and the Bebionic3 hand to aid in your prosthetic care. We enjoy meeting you for an evaluation and designing a prosthetic arm that enables you to regain function and return to a more independent lifestyle.

Silicone Restoration
Any loss of a limb is traumatic, both physically and emotionally. Losing a finger(s) or toe(s) can be difficult and having a silicone prosthesis to cosmetically mimic the other remaining fingers or toes can be very beneficial. We are able to help provide these silicone prostheses so please come in and discuss your best options and allow us to explain the process of attaining such a detailed prosthesis. Be aware, however, silicone restorations have been deemed cosmetic in nature and therefore may not be covered by your insurance carrier.