• Upper extremity prosthesis: Endoskeletal & Exoskeletal
• Lower extremity prosthesis: Temporary & Definitive
• Partial foot & hand
• Immediate Post-Op Prosthesis
• Toe fillers


• Upper Extremity: Static, Static progressive, & Dynamic
• Lower Extremity: Hip, Knee, Ankle, & Foot
• Spinal
• Cervical
• Custom & off the shelf


• Custom molded
• Extra depth
• Custom & off the shelf inlays


We are experts in designing and fabricating braces and prosthetic limbs so we are able to customize devices or make things that are not readily or commercially available. We also specialize in all facets of care from geriatric to pediatric, acute to long term. This is just an overview of our services. Please contact our offices with any questions regarding your device.