Stance Control KAFOs….Updating The Conventional KAFO

Stance Control KAFOs (knee ankle foot orthoses) are an underused device that has huge benefits to patients. It is a brace that treats the ankle and knee but utilizes new technology which allows the brace to have knee that is locked during standing but is free during swing phase of walking or running. It also allows the knee to flex with some control which allows it to not just be locked in extension or unlocked.

These braces are used for people with weak quadriceps muscles which can include spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, paralysis, post-polio, or other issues. This technology helps people walk with a more natural gait and reduces the amount of compensation that your body has to do in a normal KAFO. By making your walking more natural we are also reducing the amount of energy your body is using to walk.

This is a huge advancement for orthotics and can really help change people’s lives.

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